In today’s context of economic recession and global investment slowing, caused by the pandemic, the Hellenic-Chinese Business Chamber remains active and works towards the reignition of Greek Entrepreneurship as well as the solidification of Hellenic-Chinese business relations. China, overcoming the trial of the pandemic and having received confirmation from the global markets, is also working hard to reboot its economy and optimize its business environment.

Under those dire circumstances and in order to facilitate the efforts against the pandemic the HCBC is cooperating closely with the Chinese community in Greece, securing and offering protection masks to members needing them additionally to mediating for the donation of a specialized thermal camera to the Hellenic Police.

We now continue our efforts by launching a new initiative, organizing and coordinating digital meetings between Chinese organizations and Greek businesses, to maintain our successful bilateral cooperation program undisrupted. We ask you to stand by our side and empower us with your presence as we pledge to support and assist you through the same channels we have created after many years of hard work.

I wish you all patience, persistence and good health.

The President