The Hellenic-Chinese Business Chamber was founded in December 2012 as a non-profit organization under the name of "Hellenic-Chinese Center for Entrepreneurship " on the initiative of President Aphrodite Bletas and a group of Greek and Chinese entrepreneurs and scholars who are actively involved in exchanges and cooperation between Greece and China.

The Chamber is based in Athens and as of 28/12/2018 it has been officially approved by the President of the Hellenic Republic as a bilateral Chamber. Its aim is to bring together the businesses and citizens of the two countries to further promote bilateral business, economic, technological and cultural cooperation between Greece and China and further strengthen the friendship of the two countries. The headquarters are in the center of Athens, next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its members are important companies from both countries.

" Believing that most successful business ventures are built on trust and that trust can only be developed through “relationships” or “guanxi”, the Hellenic-Chinese Business Chamber (HCBC) thrives to facilitate the development of this important element for both Greek and Chinese companies. "

— Hellenic-Chinese Business Chamber

China, a global economic leader, is among the European Union's biggest trade partners. With over 20% of total imports and 10% of total exports, China was the largest partner for EU imports of goods, and the second largest partner for EU exports of goods in 2017.

For Greece the numbers are significantly lower. Imports from China amount to 11.2% of total imports and exports to just 3.5% of total exports. However being the closest EU port on the main naval route connecting Europe to China, the Maritime Silk Road, Greece is favorably positioned to become a major hub and gateway for bilateral trade between the European Union and China.

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EU Exports to China

EU Imports from China

In its eight years of operation, the Chamber has gained transnational recognition and has a broad political and commercial base in Greece and China, with its member companies active in the areas of trade, investment and services, familiar with legal and administrative regulations, business laws and local business conditions.

From 2012 onward the Chamber has hosted, co-organized or participated in over 60 major bilateral events and meetings, such as the “China and Greek Business Culture Festival” in 2013 held in Beijing, the “Greek and Chinese Business Conference and B2B” in 2014, etc., achieving exceptional results, both in Greece and in China. In order to carry out its work, the Chamber has concluded cooperation agreements with fifteen Promotion and Trade Centers in China, including CCPIT Shaanxi, Shaanxi Culture Industry Holdings-SCG and the Silk Road International Development Chamber in Xi’an. Finally, the Hellenic-Chinese Business Chamber was designated by the regional Government of Beijing, a region of over 25 million inhabitants, as its official “International Trade and Economic Center” for Greece.

With the deepening of China’s Initiative to implement concrete actions and practices, Greece has become a shopping center along the new silk road on land and by sea and serves as the gateway to trade between east and west in trade and culture.

In recent years, trade between Greece and China is growing rapidly, reaching $ 4.5 billion in 2016, with an annual growth rate of 13.5%. China’s exports are $ 4.2 billion, a 14.6% rise, and imports from Greece of $ 0.28 billion, down 0.9%. By the end of 2015, China’s investment exceeds a total of US $ 1.3 billion. COSCO’s successful collaboration has created positive impressions. Other Chinese companies such as ZTE, Huawei and Funson Group are also actively engaged in business and investment.
In this respect, Beijing strengthens the Belt and Road Initiative and the need for “moving abroad” of Chinese enterprises and “entering” foreign enterprises in China.

" Our logo and corporate image design has been inspired by the Meander or as it is best known the Greek key. The meander in the Hellenic tradition symbolizes the Infinity, the Eternity and the Continuity. It is also a sign of Unification and Victory. "

" One of the first things that remarks a Greek visiting China is the omnipresence of the Meander in most public and historical buildings. Actually the meander design in China, called the Yunwen, is a symbol of new life and abundance. "

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